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Halloween is on 31 October, also called All Hallows Eve or All Saints Eve. If you think of Halloween, you probably think of scary carved Pumpkins. The ancient Harvest season of Ireland is the root cause of Holiday. This is also celebrated Canada and north America. This tradition comes from 16th century Ireland, Scotland, and England. Its tradition comes from the Celtic festival of Samhain. At first it was celebrated on 1 November because that was the end of summer and harvest time and the beginning of winter. This start and end of seasons they say shows the concept of life and death. It was also time for ghosts to return to the world for one day. In some countries people leave bread and water on the table at the night of Halloween as they believe the dead people will come back for that time. And some people feel scared so, To keep them safe from ghosts they light big fires and wear animal skin clothes. People on this day wear fancy dress, do scary makeup. Children on this day wear horror and scary dresses and play “trick and treats”. They go door to door to collect toffees. The “trick” part is a fake threat that children will do anything mischief if they are not given anything delicious. Homeowners give them raisins, candy, or something delicious to eat. However, some other homeowners decorate their houses for the preparations of this holiday and do participate in this trick and treat activity with children. People usually decorate using black and orange colors. Halloween is not just for kids; attending the costume parties make adult fun. The competition is also arranged for who is dressed best. Some celebrate it in haunted homes and scare themselves, where people are ready in costumes of ghosts, corpses, and werewolf to scare away people. Some watch horror movies with friends or tell each other horror stories. Some play games and enjoy. As many of the countries around the world celebrate Halloween there are some of the countries and religion who are against Halloween including Indonesia. Every county has their own point of view in celebration of Halloween. Every country celebrates Halloween from their aspects. Where in some countries Halloween day is the national holiday eve. However, in some parts of United Kingdom police have threatened the parents who allow their children to do trick and treats activity. The highest amount of people that are celebrating Halloween is related to North America. Almost 65% of Americans decorate their homes shops and offices. This percentage is more than Christmas. At present times Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday in the world

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